Welcome to Hyperpower

Hyper Power owes its birth to SS Automobiles. SS Automobiles was established in 2001 & has worked with all cars right from normal to hi-end cars.

Later we started implementing ideas regarding modification for hi-end performance including hi-end products. Our first project was a Honda City Type 2, tuned into 148 bhp on the wheels with high torque custom made clutch plate & turbo chargers.then converted a Honda Accord 2002 into a 4 x 4, swift with hi-lift cam ecu upgrades & tuning. Also supercharged a Honda City. Eventually we came up with our brand Hyper Power in 2009.


We offer wide range of services as per your needs and the latest technology in the automobile industry

  • Scanning
  • Electronic and Electrical Work
  • Engine Overhaul
  • Suspension Overhaul
  • AMC Offers

Innovative products

We believe that innovaton is a new trend and so do we offer you innovative products made out of the worlds best technology

  • Digi Drive
  • Flexride
  • Runstop