Superchip Remapping

"Superchips" is the company name for the most well known Remapping company in the business they have outlets all over the world, people often mistake there well known name as the actual procedure or job they want doing on there car saying can you super chip my car or do you do them super chips.

Remapping is the process of getting the "maps" inside an ECU altered these maps control various parameters of the engine such as air-fuel ratios, fuel volume, fuel pressure, torque limiters, boost pressure etc.

How does this affect your car?

Diesels - The most popular type of vehicle to get remapped is the Turbo Diesel engine these produce some of the best results on average depending on engine size most diesels will get around 35bhp and 70nm of torque extra, this makes a noticeable dramatic difference. This can also allow for an improvement in MPG.

Petrol Turbo's - Again these produce an excellent upgrade of power on average around 40 bhp and 65nm of torque

Normally/naturally Aspirated (non Turbo) Petrol cars - These cars get the lowest results as there is no turbo there is not much to adjust on average around 8-16 bhp and 20nm of torque depending on engine size, however the bigger engines and V6,V8 etc engines do get a better gains.